Purchases made on the PHILOKALIA website are paid for in the following ways:


  1. Cash on delivery
    If you wish to pay by cash on delivery (cash upon receipt of your order), your order will incur a cash on delivery fee. Cash on delivery costs for shipments with a courier company are 4 euros more.


  1. Payment by credit card in a secure EUROBANK banking environment:
    You can use a VISA or MASTERCARD credit card issued by any bank. Upon completion of your order, you connect directly to EUROBANK’s own electronic platform, where you instruct it to charge your card, without sharing its details on our site. In this way, the transaction takes place in a code environment of both the Bank’s and e-banking security systems, you do not share your card details outside the bank, your card details do not remain as a file outside the bank. Then the bank notifies us that you have proceeded to freeze the value of your order. This payment is completed and credited to our account only when we execute your order, until that time the payment amount is actually only held by the bank. If for any reason a dispute arises in favor of the customer, this dispute is released in favor of the customer.


  1. Via paypal
    Use your paypal account to pay for your order. The use of paypal is now widespread and one of the most convenient payment methods.
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